Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits: Insider Tips

In 2017, the Social Security Administration received 2,179,928 disability benefit applications, and 34.96% of those applications were approved.

Consequently, its imperative that those seeking disability benefits know the insider tips to increasing their chances of getting their disability benefits approved.

Join host Jacqueline Crosby and guest attorney Sarah Dubinsky, Esquire in a discussion about SSD and SSI, the difference between the two types of disability benefits, and how to overcome some of the more common hurdles to disability application approval.

Sarah Dubinsky is a Social Security Disability attorney who represents disabled clients on initial claims and denials, at hearings and the Appeals Council, and in federal district court.

Sarah is also a former Attorney Advisor for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and worked at Legal Services of New Jersey.

She also trains social workers to improve their patient’s chances of getting benefits in a free 2 credit CEU course at their location.

You may reach Sarah Dubinsky at:

Cell: 856-981-2732
Fax: 844-482-5119

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