Enhancing Legal and Political Decision – Making with Subscript Law

Do you want to gain a better understanding of current events, effectively advocate for your political rights and think legally?

If so, listen to Legalocities host Jacqueline Crosby interview guest attorney Mariam Morshedi, founder of Subscript Law, a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the legal and political decision-making of Americans.

Subscript Law uses infographics and straight forward summaries to explain recent US Supreme Court decisions related to:

• Immigration
• First Amendment
• Civil Rights
• Political Law
• Employment Law
• Discrimination
• Electronic Data
• Corporate Law
• Criminal Law
• Procedural Law

Additionally, you can learn about legal topics such as political gerrymandering, levels of scrutiny and burden shifting.

Go to http://www.subscriptlaw.com/

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New Jersey lawyer turned blogger, podcaster and legal changemaker.