New Jersey Landlords’ Responsibility to Provide Heat

If you are a New Jersey renter and your lease requires your landlord to provide heat, your landlord must abide by heating standards set by state codes and local town or city ordinances.

The New Jersey state housing code requires that from October 1st through May 1st, landlords must provide heat so that a tenant’s rental unit temperature is at least 68 degrees between the hours of 6 am through 11 pm, and at least 65 degrees between the hours of 11 pm through 6 am. Local health codes cover times of the year not covered by housing codes.

The housing or board of health in your town enforces both the state and local heating requirement codes. The inspector can file a complaint in court on your behalf, or you can file your own complaint.

A court hearing will be scheduled where your landlord must give an explanation for not providing heat. The court can impose penalties which could include fines or jail sentences.

Low-income tenant’s whose landlord’s refuse to provide heat may qualify for landlord-tenant legal assistance through New Jersey Legal Services.

No-Heat Hotlines

Larger cities have special no-heat hotlines that specifically handle complaints from New Jersey renters whose landlords refuse to provide heat.

East Orange

Tenants without heat and hot running water, or who have had their utilities shut off can call the Department of Code Enforcement at 973-266-5320.

Jersey City

The Jersey City 24-hour heat and hot water hotline is 201-547-4821.


Tenants without heat and hot running water, or who have had their utilities shut off, can call the City of Newark’s Non-Emergency Call Center at 973-733-7600.

Orange Township

Tenants can report heating problems Friday evening at 5:00 pm through Monday morning at 8:00 am at the following numbers:

Khalfani Alleyne: 973-296-8419
Lonnie Saunders: 973-706-4203
Paul Inman: 973-592-5425
Elroy Corbitt: 973-706-4053

If issues with heat arise at any other time, call the Code Enforcement office directly: (973) 266-4098.


Tenants can contact the ‘No Heat” Hotline, 973-321-1277 if they need to report a ‘no heat’ incident.


All complaints regarding a lack of heat or hot water, or another winter-related emergences can be reported by calling 973-989-3560.

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