What is Conscious Contracting?

This past weekend I attended a Conscious Contracting Workshop at The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston in Yonkers, New York taught by lawyer and legal consultant J. Kim Wright.


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I’m the one in the back with the silly smile and half my face cut off.

Also known as Values-Based, Vision-Based, Mindful, Sustainable or Integrative Contracts, Conscious Contracts® is the brain child of legal innovators J. Kim Wright and Linda Alvarez who believe that legal documents should not only align with the law, but also with the purpose, mission and values of the contracting parties.

J. Kim Wright and Linda Alvarez conduct Conscious Contracts® training workshops in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Conscious contracting is a negotiation process that often results in a legal document. It is an alternative to the adversarial dynamic of traditional contract negotiations where parties so often come to the table with the mindset that they need to  “one-up” the other guy, lest they get “one-upped”.

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This is a tool used by Conscious Contracts® to assist in the negotiation process.


In contrast, conscious contracting prioritizes sustainable relationships as well as the needs and values of all the parties involved.

Transparent communication is key to conscious contracting, which allows the parties to feel free to explore and express their:


  • core values
  • visions
  • strengths
  • shortcomings
  • fears
  • needs
  • creative problem solving ideas

Conscious contracting allows the parties themselves to create methods of dealing with change and disagreement in the early stages, which can help avoid a lawsuit down the road.

This type of contracting model is appealing to socially responsible businesses and those who are wary of legal contracts because of the fear and mistrust inherent in the old paradigm.

I was so impressed by this workshop conducted by Kim, that I am thinking about becoming a certified Conscious Contracts® Provider myself.

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The whole Conscious Contracting gang outside the Center for Open Hiring at Greyston.




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