Thought Partnerships: Advancing Non-Violent, Just and Inclusive Societies

Thought Partnerships is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing non-violent, just, and inclusive societies. It seeks to create collective impact by building effective Communities of Practice.

Thought Partnerships creates opportunities for deep peer-to peer learning and sharing within and across diverse geographies to harness the collective wisdom of experts, activists, and practitioners in diverse sectors to counter hateful narratives, reduce fear based social divisions and de-escalate the risk of identity based violence.

Thought Partnerships does so by convening interdisciplinary Working Groups, creating dynamic spaces for online exchange, learning and engagement and by growing the Community of Practice through building strong and sustainable relationships with civil society led initiatives around the world.

The Thought Partnerships team also engages in co-design projects where it works with philanthropies and social justice organizations to apply it’s best practices and model of work to their own initiatives.

Sadia Hameed is the Founder and Executive Director of Thought Partnerships. Drawing upon her twenty years of experience in field-building, Sadia works strategically with a range of diverse human rights organizations, identifying and creating opportunities, connections, and collaborations that advance global peacebuilding.

Listen to this podcast interview with Sadia to find out more about the inspiration for Thought Partnerships, the work the organization is doing, and opportunities for connection and collaboration for those inspired to join the movement to put an end to hate and division.

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