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LegalMatch is America’s original attorney/client matching service and is not a referral service. When a consumer presents their issue to LegalMatch, the LegalMatch system matches the consumer’s case to lawyers in their city or county based on the specifics of the consumer’s case and the lawyer’s location and area of legal practice.

With LegalMatch, you’re given the power to confidentially and thoroughly review the experience, track record, availability, and fee structure of pre-screened lawyers who match your needs so that you can find the lawyer right for you.

There is no obligation to hire a lawyer, and this service is free to consumers. In the LegalMatch Legal Center, you can learn more about various practice areas of law, as well as receive hundreds of general tips for doing business with lawyers.

Legal Services Link is a leading online platform streamlining the process for researching and hiring an attorney, while also helping attorneys develop new clients. It replaces the traditional, time-consuming, and frustrating process for hiring an attorney with an efficient, online process, allowing individuals and businesses with legal needs to quickly post short summaries of their needs to the site, which are then emailed to the appropriate attorneys for review and consideration. Attorneys interested in satisfying those legal needs then submit short applications directly to the clients—for their review and acceptance.

Do you have legal questions that can only be answered by an attorney? Then find an affordable local attorney to help you with your legal situation with Standard Legal’s Attorney Finder at no cost to you! The process is simple, highly effective, and protects your privacy:

  • Present Your Case
  • Your situation will be presented to local lawyers
  • You select the lawyer of your choice

Why pick an attorney blindly out of the Yellow Pages? Post your case now by clicking one of the topic links and learn about the attorneys who want to help you solve your legal matter!

Nolo offers a unique lawyer directory that provides a comprehensive profile for lawyers with information that will help you select the right one for you. The profiles tell you about the lawyer’s experience, education, and fees, and perhaps most importantly, the lawyer’s general philosophy of practicing law.

Nolo has confirmed that every lawyer listed has a valid license and is in good standing with their bar association. Nolo also offers a way to connect with local lawyers based on your location and the type of legal case you have. Just answer a few questions about your case and your contact information, then the right type of lawyers contact you directly.